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Womens Desert Boots

Women's Desert Boots

What girl or woman doesn’t just love to slip their feet into a stylish pair of suede desert boots, right? Women’s suede desert boots are a timeless classic, the original desert boots design became popular in the UK in the 1940s and since then the range and variety of styles has grown exponentially. One of the most popular alternatives to the original suede desert boot is the women’s leather desert boot. Leather desert boots take the classic desert boot design but gives it a more formal, upmarket feel.

Here at we like to offer you the full range of options when it comes to your footwear fashion, but we know deep down that a pair of desert boots is simply a masterpiece for any ladies feet.

The chukka boot was brought to the British market after an English Infantryman, whilst on tour in Burma, noticed his fellow soldiers wearing a loose fitting suede boot in their downtime. The desert boots had been developed by the South African army after realising their standard issue boots were unsuitable in the heat of the desert. The British soldier brought the boots home with him and they became an instant success on the UK market. Shortly after arriving in the UK the boots were made in women’s sizes and so women’s desert boots were born.

With its classic rock star image and endless versatility, the women’s desert boot is the perfect boot for any lady looking to add a bit of edge to her formal attire or alternatively sharpen up her casual outfits. Made from top-quality real leather, our women’s leather desert boots come in a range of colours such as; Beige, Black, Green, Red & many more.

Back in the day this type of footwear was used for trekking through deserts and forests but at we don’t mind what you do when you wear your very own pair. At the end of the day having your own pair of suede or leather desert boots means they are yours and yours only. You can wear them with whatever you want and do whatever you want in these lightweight boots.

We have a great selection of ladies' desert boots from brands such as:

·         Cotswold

·         Roamers

·         Wrangler

·         Appetizer

Check out some of our favourite brands below:

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