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Real Men Wear Boots

Desert boots can be a conundrum to dress for, and it's always incredibly easy to do too much and over think it. To really get the most out of desert boots, we'll have to get down to basics and work up from there. This makes sense because desert boots are some of the simplest footwear you can buy. They're sleek, made with very few elements which made them perfect for blending with any outfit. The soft materials really lend themselves to applying a wide range of styles. The minimalism of them really took hold with the mod movement. That simplicity is what makes them so great and is really the best place to start.

Jeans are the brother of the desert boot, working with the same principles of simple and adaptable. They're great for a casual look and the match of denim and suede is definitely attractive though they should be relatively slim jeans.

Mens Desert Boot Outfit
Popps Original Leather Black
Popps Original Leather Tan
Popps Original Suede

Smartening up a bit can be as simple as buttoning a shirt or as winter approaches, wearing a classic sweater. The colour combinations shouldn't go over 3 different shades, keeping it simple and smart. Bland colours should act as the base for the richness of the desert boot, or vise versa. Chinos or plain jeans can be a good choice, getting the smarter look, working best with rich hues. Rolling up your jeans or chinos can make a solid line between them and your desert boots for a more ordered appearance that doesn't swamp your boots. This will also show off those contrasting socks to really stand out.

On the most formal end of the desert boots spectrum, you should really be looking at our range of leather desert boots. They work best with trousers, giving an air of sleek sophistication. There are limits, however. You can't go wear a dinner suit with these, but suit trousers and jacket that are any colour except black can be an option. Leaning toward more subtle shades like greys and blues can be a good choice, contrasting well with desert boots. Over all this, a smart shirt and tie is viable as long as a waistcoat or jacket can hold it all in and give stronger lines and shape to your outfit. Check out our smart outfit look book for more inspiration.

In the end, this guide is very cursory and simple. As a base to work off of, it can be useful, but experimentation with colour and style can really make your desert boots part of your own personal fashion. Desert Boots are almost endlessly adaptable and finding your own tone that suits you is the most important goal.

Desert Boots and Suits