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The Origin of Desert Boots

Popularised in the 1950's by a UK shoe company C. & J. Clark, the desert boots are one of the world's most recognizable footwear. When in 1941 Nathan Clark was deployed to Burma it was because of two major reasons: to save his country and look for new shoe designs for his footwear company. He soon noticed that the military men in Burma were wearing crepe-soled rough suede boots as part of their uniform. These hard-wearing, durable but comfortable boots were designed to withstand any weather and harsh desert conditions, as well to offer protection. Nathan soon learned that these lightweight but tough desert boots can be purchased at a bazaar in Cairo, so he followed his instincts and brought home in Somerset a detailed design of this remarkable footwear. Four years later the desert boots were introduced into the world and became an instant hit.


People from all around the world were amazed by these exquisite desert boots due to its "Britishness", uniqueness and unusualness. The footwear gained recognition in the UK, France, Italy, and in the US when it had its debut in 1950 at the Chicago Shoe Fair. In the blink of an eye, the desert boots crept their way into many subcultures, including the Beat poets and the Mod movements. The beat poets were a group of authors who influenced American culture in the years after the WW2 by promoting ideas of spiritual quest, exploration of religions, rejection of materialism, experimentation with psychedelic drugs and sexual liberation. The Mods on the other hand were a British group focused on music, fashion and motor scooters. Furthermore, many noteworthy celebrities became fans of the boots like Oasis, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen and countless others. Today, the desert boots have a wide range of variations and twists, manufactured by many designer brands around the globe. Still as practical, durable, exquisite and comfortable as always, the footwear is a highly popular model for both men and women of all generations. The boots are an inseparable part of many artists, singers, thinkers, and revolutionaries' wardrobes, symbolizing their individuality, originality and creativity. 

Modern Desert Boots

As we mentioned earlier, the desert boots today have countless twists and designs in order to meet customers' needs and taste in style. Amongst the most acclaimed types of desert boots are the leather desert boots, suede desert boots, wide-fitting, Chelsea boots and many more. Made from a durable and flexible material, the leather desert boots guarantee longevity, quality, and comfort. With sophisticated finished and intricate detailing, the leather desert boots are an investment in quality and a winning strategy. Made from the finest material, these boots are multifunctional and will last for decades. Pair them with anything and look classy and modern. Investing in a pair of leather desert boots will bring simplicity, sophistication and elegance to every outfit. These fine, lightweight and comfortable shoes that are designed with efficacy and delicacy look stylish with anything. Pair them with a leather jacket and jeans and get the rock star look. Or put on an elegant suit and get that high-class swagger-like look. Manufactured from the softest, smoothest and finest leather materials, the desert leather boots are the most important part of a person's attire. 

Suede Desert Boots

Looking very fine and keeping its velvety look, the suede leather is one of the best materials the market can offer. With a peach-like feel to the touch and very delicate and exquisite, this top-of-the-line material is highly suitable when it comes to clothing. The suede desert boots offer softness, thinness and pliability to the wearer and are durable, flexible and comfortable. They are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. An essential part of every wardrobe, they represent elegance, style and urbanity. Pair them with anything and be ready to stand out in the crowd. 

Chelsea Boots

Named after the fancy London borough where the Mod subculture spent most of their time, the Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with elastic side panel that are worn by people from all around the globe. They became well-recognized with the image-obsessed Mods who were wearing tailored suits and drove custom-built scooters. In the 1970's the boots gained even bigger attention when they were worn by Darth Vader's Stormtroopers in the Star Wars Trilogy. The Chelsea desert boots today are extremely popular due to their classic and elegant look. Being simplistic, sophisticated and fashion-forward, the boots offer a lasting charm and dominance to every look. 

Branded Desert Boots

On Desert you can easily and instantly shop your favourite desert boot model from a broad array of designer brands like Cotswold, Red Tape, Ikon, Hush Puppies, Jack Jones, Hey Dude, Rieker, Roamers, Base London and countless others. Cotswold is a well-acclaimed outdoor recreation retailer that has 69 stores across the UK, specializing in outdoor clothing, camping and climbing equipment, and adventure racing gear. Cotswold's desert boots are unique, durable and classy, and offer the greatest comfort and style to its wearer. On Desert Boots you can find the Cotswold Sahara boots available in tan and navy, and the Cotswold Snowhill, available in taupe and black.

Established in 1995, Base London offers casual, semi-formal and formal branded footwear that is comfortable and cool. If shopping with us, you can find various desert boots models like Base London Pebble, Greenwich, and Carbon, available in all sizes and colours. Red Tape is another brand known for its finesse and high-fashion footwear. On Desert Boots, you can purchase its different styles and designs including Red Tape Gobi II, Mayo, Yarrow, Corran, Mojave, Thurso and many others. Or maybe take a look at our Ikon desert boots collection, including styles like Ikon Gobi, Ikon Nomad, Ikon Stiller, Ikon Newton, all available in various colours and sizes. 

Furthermore, Hush Puppies is a US brand of contemporary and casual footwear, available here on Desert Boots with branded designs like Benson Rigby, Devon Hamlin, Desert II and others. If you're looking for something unique, elegant and daring, try shopping one of the Danish Jack & Jones models like JJ Daran, JJ Alpha, Irvine and many more. Hey Dude desert boots are laid-back, super light and comfortable shoes that will leave a fashion statement. Browse our collection of different models, available in many colours like fume, navy and Bruno. On Desert Boots, you can shop your best-loved and Swiss-made Rieker shoes that offer comfort, class and sophistication. Roamers is another top-of-the-line brand that offers a wide range of desert boots, like Roamers originals, Roamers Ghillie, Roamers Sargent and countless others waiting for you to take them home.



There is nothing more timeless and valuable than a classic and sophisticated pair of desert boots. Leave an impression, stand out in the crowd and turn heads by wearing one of our well-acclaimed and remarkable desert boots that will last you forever. Here on Desert Boots, you can shop your favourite pair that looks impeccable styled with anything. Times may have changed but the desert boots are still an integral part of every wardrobe, symbolizing individuality, originality and creativity.