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Cleaning your Popps


Desert Boots can really take your breath away. Your first time putting them on feels great, but the first stain, the first scuff or layer of dirt can really hamper your enjoyment. The problem is that most desert boots are made of suede leather; a notoriously delicate material that can suffer under the use of certain cleaning products. The overwhelming paralysis at the idea that you'll wreck your boots can wreck your enjoyment, and all the while, dirt and marks will build up. Thankfully, there is an answer to this. There is a quick and easy way to clean your boots without damaging such a soft, breathable material.



You simply need the right tools for the job. A shoe brush can really do wonders even without any sort of cleaning fluid. Much of the dirt and marks you can expect from day to day wear can be removed using a good brush while maintaining much of the integrity of the material. When brushing, one should keep the strokes going in the same direction. Suede has a habit of changing its shade depending on the way it's brushed. If you brush in two different directions, you'll get two different colours.

For more stubborn marks and stains, you can use cleaning products that are specifically made for suede. The main products that we at use are from the Woly range. The Suede Velours Gum Cleaner can be used much like an eraser. It's a hard block that can be rubbed against the marked area, which is then cleaned off with a light brush or sponge.

These specialised products can work wonders but are not a necessity. Woly's Combi Cleaner and other combi cleaners like it are multi-purpose products that can be used for a wide variety of shoes, from smooth leather to fabrics. It even freshens up colours so that all your shoes and boots can look their best. The last step to keeping your boots clean is to prevent dirt clinging on in the first place. One of the keys to this is an expert application of a suede and leather protective product to defend against water and dirt. Not only will this keep your boots clean, but they'll last longer than ever.