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New Suede Boots!

Needed these for work experience, don't even care about the price! The shoes look fantastic AND ARE AVAILABLE IN SIZE 12!!!OMFG this is the best thing ever
Danny Kelly

Happy Customer!

One of the few companies that I let e-mail me with offers and deals, because they are actually great for deals.I got a lovely pair of brown desert boots for £10 including delivery. Can't beat it! Great service.
Brittany attree

Roamer desert boots

I'm on my second pair of roamer desert, and they are the best boots I've ever owned, I was so glad I was able to buy them again, they are so comfy from the first day you wear them, and they last which is even better as I literally abused my first pair, wore them pretty much all day every day, and they've still got plenty of life left in them. Also my dad has problems with his feet, and was having to change his wooden soled shoes every 2-3 weeks, I got him to try out a pair of desert boots and he's never looked back all he now wears is desert boots and they've really helped him with pain free walking
Phil Ball

Desert boots

Good price, good selection. Tried them on when they arrived didn't take them of for the rest of the day,so comfortable. They where like carpet slippers.
Rex Williams

Yarrow boots

Received my order today, tried them on, great fit and great quality. Had them "scotch guarded " too. Will be ordering other colours, they go great with chinos...
Catherine Clark

Desert boots

Timeless shoes that never go out of fashion! I have had to get over the horror and discomfort of discovering that I, as trendy hipster in her early 20s living it up in South London, now buy exactly the same shoes from exactly the same company as my Father. Not only that, he has been buying them from the same company for the last 20 years. Desert boots from Desert are worth it.. Comfortable, great quality and super stylish. Also confirming that, apparently, 'parents know best'. It's a bitter-sweet triumph to discover such as high quality shoes for such good prices. I'll probably continue into my 40s, 50s, and 60s just like my Dad.
M Anderton

Mens Desert boot SIMBA

These are without doubt the best value desert boots on the market. I have worn Desert boots for more years thatn I care to remember - all the way throughout my military career and since. The size is spot on, slightly on the large side, but nothing that would be a problem. I would recommend not only the boots but the company to anyone.

Desert Boots

Brilliant boots (ordered 2 different styles) and excellent service. Would definitely order from you again.
George Tweedy

desert boots

Used to have original issued Desert Boots in the 80's and 90's and loved them. Now I have finally found a new pair from and they are brill, very comfortable and take me back many years. Why would you ever want to wear anything else? Cheers GRT.
Deb munden

Cotswold desert boot order

This was a great find. Really quick delivery. Love the product.