If you’re looking for some ideas on which clothes look best with desert boots, then you’ve come to the right place. Desert boots make any outfit infinitely more interesting. Featuring standout and fun colours, their low silhouette makes them ideal for the summer months. Whether you choose to wear them with trousers, a skirt or a jump suit, they will light up your clothes like no other type of footwear can. Adaptable by nature, desert boots unique style means they are suited to both work and leisure. If you want to go for a summer walk or look great at the office, their chameleon style works for both purposes.    

Desert boots complement a number of men's outfits. Their slick, yet understated style is aimed at the gentleman who loves classic male clothing but wants something slightly different to stand out from the rest. Wearing a pair of Popps desert boots with a simple t-shirt and shorts looks terrific; a well-cut pair of jeans or chinos will always look smart with a pair of boots, but the low-cut style of a pair of desert boots truly adds a unique twist completely unmatched by a traditional pair.