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Mens Suede Desert Boots

Mens Suede Desert Boots are an extremely popular style of footwear that have been worn by all types of men for many years. Here at our Mens suede desert boots come in a huge array of colours and styles. The classic desert boot design has remained largely unchanged from the original suede leather upper and crepe sole however now it is more common to see a rubber crepe sole provide a bit more durability to the boots.

During the Second World War a young British Infantryman was stationed in Burma. He noticed that his fellow infantrymen were wearing a loose fitting lightweight form of footwear on their downtime. The 'chukkas', as they were then known, came from a South African design which helped soldiers traverse across the tricky desert terrain. The soldier saw the potential in these early designs of desert boots and decided to bring them home with him where it soon became something of a fashion statement and still is to this day. 

The original suede desert boot design that was brought back to England by this young, British Infantryman has now sold more than 10 million pairs in 100 countries. It was described as the “World’s most travelled shoes” in 1957. The beauty of suede desert boots is that they can be worn on any occasion.

We have such a wide range of suede desert boots for our customers to choose and browse through. The brands we are currently selling are leading style-house brands such as;

·         Roamers

·         BXT

·         Red Tape

·         Jack & Jones

·         Hush Puppies

·         Cotswold

You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your very own, high quality suede desert boots from

The Roamers Original is a top seller with its simple 3 eyelet lace up design and leather lining giving your feet both the comfort and style they deserve. The simplicity of this boot is to be applauded as it can give both a timelessly rugged yet elegant look. What more can you ask for form a desert boot? At just 800g a pair these lightweight boots won’t hold you whether you are going for a gentle stroll or a hike!

All of our men's suede desert boots are available at great online discount prices, meaning you can get some top-quality shoes without breaking your piggy bank. 

If you are after a more powerful statement desert boot then why not try the Roamers Sargent. This will take you right back to the military origins with every step you take. This particular suede desert boot is made with 100% real suede leather and has a comfy padded collar which sits at ankle length giving you the extra support you require. At only 660g a pair you don’t need to worry about these suede desert boots weighing you down.

If you have any questions about any of the suede desert boots on our website give us a call on 0116 326 0604 or drop us an email on

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