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Mens Leather Desert Boots

Desert Boots have been around a while. They became prominent in the UK market in the late 1940s. The story goes that a British Infantryman was on tour in Burma. He noticed that his fellow compatriots would wear these odd, crepe soled boots whilst on their down time. He tracked down the source of these peculiar boots and found that it was the South African army that wore them as a replacement to their standard issue boots after the boots they were issued were not deemed capable of handling the terrain. The British Infantryman brought the design of boots back to the UK in the early 1940s and they quickly became popular. 

Originally all Desert Boots were given a suede leather upper and crepe sole but since arriving in the UK the variety of Desert Boots that has been made available has been huge. One of the most popular variations on the classic design of Desert Boot are Leather Desert Boots.  Leather Desert Boots were one of the first adaptations to the original desert boots design. A leather upper on Desert Boots tends to give them a slightly more formal feel. Desert Boots will, of course, always be a casual shoe however with a leather upper they feel more acceptable when worn to a more upmarket occasion.

We stock a huge range of brands that offer Leather Desert Boots here at, some of our most popular brands include:

 - Roamers

 - Ikon

 - Base London

 - Frank Wright

 - Cat

Roamers are a hugely popular brand of desert boots and stock a stunning range of leather desert boots in a variety of different shapes. Roamers are one of the iconic desert boot manufacturers in the UK. Both Ikon and Base have been producing a stunning range of leather desert boots and have even expanded their range to include some chelsea boots. Frank Wright is a slightly more upmarket option but has some very affordable prices. Cat Leather Desert Boots are perfect for those of us that want a desert boot that can stand up to a little bit more punishment.

Original Desert Boots were suede lined with a suede upper. If you would like to view our suede desert boots CLICK HERE.

Alternatively have a look through some of the brands below: