Top 7 Moustache & Boot Combinations To Complete Any Look

It’s that time of year again! And no we’re not talking about the run up to Christmas. Movember is here, which means, gents, that you have a legitimate excuse (as if you needed one) to throw away the razor and let your facial follicles do what nature intended.

Whether your growing for charity or for the sheer hell of it, have hand-picked our top ‘stache’ and foot wear styles, to help you (and your facial fuzz) look at at your best.

  1. The Handlebar

Handlebar Stache

A classic looking ‘tache’ and the bench mark for all others to follow. Achieve by using a pinch of moustache wax and sweep towards the cheeks. For an added flourish why not tweak the tips upward for a dapper look.

Boot of Choice- Rieker F1301


A casual suede desert boot with a warm fleecy lining, ideal for those cooler days.

  1. The Horseshoe:

Horseshoe Moustache

A rugged looking moustache, and the choice of ranchers, bikers and truck drivers! Why not try growing out your mutton chops for a real head turning style.

Boot of Choice- Base London Gravel Chukka:
A rugged ‘distressed’ looking, burnished waxy leather upper gives these chukka boots the ‘worn in’ appeal of the outdoor travelling type.

  1. The Zappa:

Frank Zappa’s moustache and soul-patch combo is up there with the most iconic facial hair looks of all time. You’ll need plenty of coverage on the top lip and a thick soul-patch to pull this off, but it’s worth the effort. Who wouldn’t want to look like a musical genius?

Boot of Choice- London Brogues Caxton:

Caxton Group1
A laid-back style combined with plenty of comfort. Finished off with a subtle brogue styling at the heel.

  1. The Wyatt Earp:

Wyatt Earp

Named after the infamous lawman (subject to scrutiny) and gambler, this epic top lip tickler is just the ticket for the urban cowboy.

Boot of Choice- Ikon STILLER


A high ankle Derby boot, this hardy pair feature a classic plain toe leather upper.

  1. The Hungarian:

Hungarian Moustache

Like the handlebar, except much, much bigger! This titan of facial furniture should cover the entire mouth and will take some considerable time to grow. One for the true moustache connoisseurs.

Boot of Choice- Lucini Dunn Leather Chukka:


A suave spin on its more casual suede brethren. This boot can even be worn to more formal events.

  1. The Dali:

Dali Moustache

One for the artistes. Named after the famous surrealist artist, this moustache is definitely for the daring. This style will require a lot of wax to hold it in place but will ultimately turn a lot of heads.

Boot of Choice- Selected Sel Leon Devilles:


Also a head turner! This stand-out desert boot features neon orange laces on a blue cow print suede upper.

  1. The Drawn On:

Drawn on Moustache

If you’re not blessed with a hardy hedge on your face, then this is the perfect way to avoid missing out. It’s ideal for ladies who want to get in on all the fun of growing a moustache, and you’ll see instant results! Best of all you can rub it off and start a new style the next day…just don’t confuse your felt tip for a permanent marker!

Boot of Choice- Hush Puppies Cyra Catelyn:


A stunning camouflage patterned ladies desert boot with tassel laces for an even more stylish twist.

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